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The Court of Appeal is in the process of hearing an appeal from Mrs Versteegh against a judgment delivered by Mr Justice Singer in 2014. The parties were married in 1993 and their marriage lasted twenty one years before it came ...
In today’s blog, we examine the issues and concerns that are faced by individuals who find themselves entangled in court proceedings but come to the realisation that, unlike their opponents who can afford to hire the best legal representation, they ...
Don’t let your business become just another a pawn to be negotiated in a divorce settlement.  As a business owner, you work hard to nurture and grow your business from the ground up. Likewise, you ought to extend the same ...
Divorce’s hidden impact on finances It’s well known that a divorce settlement can lead to a reduced bank balance if a favourable settlement cannot be reached. But what about the hidden ways that a divorce can affect your bank balance? Divorce cuts ...
Divorce Finance working group expresses concerns about McKenzie Friends and the need for FDRs All family cases which involve a dispute over finances should go to a financial dispute resolution (FDR) hearing – before the county courts can even make a ...
Pensions aren’t the most glamorous or exciting subject so you rarely hear about them in the media in the context of divorce, but for many couples, after their home, their pensions are likely to be the biggest matrimonial assets and ...
You might be surprised to learn that Royal Ballet stars and former couple Thiago Soares and Marianela Nunez decided to continue dancing together even after their marriage broke down.  In fact, they say that “if anything, we’re working together better ...
Curran v Collins: unfair provision for co-habitees? The outcome of a recent appeal has highlighted once again the situation whereby a co-habitee is not entitled to financial support or rights in property upon relationship breakdown, but a husband or wife in ...
Appeal finds husband has no obligation to provide lifelong financial support to ex-wife The Court of Appeal has ruled that a former wife had no right to indefinite financial support from her husband and that she must work to support herself. Mrs ...
Everything but the kitchen sink! Why your Form E has to be so detailed One question we’re commonly asked by our clients is why they have to put so much detail in their Form E - it feels like there's a question ...

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