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We have a team of experienced solicitors who have in-depth knowledge in all areas of Commercial Law. Our lawyers provide a bespoke service so that each individual case is approached differently, meaning that a personalised strategy is always in place.


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Exclusive to Grayfords, we employ a legal R & D team to protect and serve our clients.



We have a team of experienced solicitors who have in-depth knowledge in all areas of Commercial Law.



We are results driven and not fee-focused. Which is why we offer fixed fees for some matters.


Competition Law

Don't monopolise the board.

We understand that the phenomenon of anti-competitive behaviour by industry associations and members is on the corporate agenda of many businesses. We are equipped to conduct internal audits through appropriate compliance checks and investigations, in addition to external research to assess whether your competitors are likewise compliant. We also assist with recovery for anti-trust victims.

The implications of Brexit in the field of competition enforcement will take some time to emerge. EU competition rules will continue to apply post-Brexit to the conduct of UK businesses that have an effect within the EU.

Intellectual Property Law

What's yours is yours.

The commercial success of your business greatly depends on the protection or exploitation of its IP ownership rights. We advise on all core aspects of IP law, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, brand hi-jacking and fake goods. Nobody else should benefit from your unique identity - but where there are licensing deals and sale agreements involved, we make sure you get the fair share you deserve.

We can assist by providing identification, response and prevention mechanisms to online infringement, misappropriation or abuse of IP rights. We are your security system against Internet transgressors.

Contract Law

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The worst business losses are those from unintended consequences. But with the appropriate skills and expertise, we will help you avoid this dilemma. Regulatory, compliance, employee and data-related concerns are only some of the dangers that face your online commercial affairs.

We can provide solutions for clients facing unfair business contracts and situations of financial loss due to negligence. Your social media and digital presence are at more risk than you think you know. Allow us take the weight off your shoulders so you can sleep in peace.


Defamation Law

15 seconds, defamed.

The profitability of your business, or the respectability of your name as an individual, is instantly affected by the slightest taint on your image. Grayfords is equipped to advise and take action on all online defamation and reputation issues – whether the risk is an active one in need of urgent attention, or a potential one in need of further analysis.


Professional Negligence

For the Slip Ups

Professionals are required to exercise skill and care when acting on any matter. Sometimes, their errors can have a great adverse effect on our finances and even our well-being. Grayfords are ready to work on your behalf to ‘right the wrong’ that you have suffered as a result of a professional mistake.


Compliance & Reputation Software

Corporate Chinese Whispers

Staying compliant within your sector to avoid large fines and penalties is so vital, now more than ever. There are companies that have had to close down or struggle to remain afloat due to compliance fines or a damaged reputation. Grayfords own advanced software that we offer to all of our clients that can monitor your online presence. We act fast and inform you if you are breaching guidelines and we name and shame the bad mouths of the internet.

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