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The Grayfords Commercial Law service is the most innovative and effective legal solution available to individuals and businesses today. No other firm offers a package that comprises such outstanding benefits: such as a no recovery no fee settlement target of 42 days, access to 100% legal funding and even provision of compensation funds before any settlement is reached. And with our unique use of legal technology coupled with the very best legal minds in the UK, within our specialist areas of Negligence, Intellectual Property , and Contract Law , we have specialist solicitors and barristers with an enviable success record.


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Financial Misconduct

Don’t be mis sold

Have you suffered from financial loss from potential misconduct in the services provided by a financial institution, adviser or intermediary? In today's economic climate, the answer to this question is almost inevitably yes. You have a right to receive ethical and responsible services from such entities. In David & Goliath cases like these, the need for aggressive and effective financial negligence lawyers is critical. With our unique business model, expertise and guidance you may be able to recover part or all part of the monies lost.


Professional Negligence

For the Slip Ups

Professionals are required to exercise skill and care when acting on any matter. Sometimes, their errors can have a great adverse effect on our finances and even our well-being. If a professional fails to uphold these standards in a way that could be deemed negligent, you are in your right to claim compensation. We deal with: Medical Negligence, Solicitors Negligence, Dental Negligence, Property Negligence and Cosmetic Surgery Negligence.

With so many other law firms who could represent your case, with our unique business model, and service offering, we really can right the wrong and deliver the outcome you deserve in the quickest way possible.


Intellectual Property & Defamation

What’s your is yours

The commercial success of your business greatly depends on the protection or exploitation of its IP ownership rights. We advise on all core aspects of IP law, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, brand hi-jacking and fake goods. Nobody else should benefit from your unique identity . The profitability of your business, or the respectability of your name as an individual, is instantly affected by the slightest taint on your image. Grayfords is equipped to advise and take action on all online defamation and reputation issues

Our Shield 360 platform is free to clients and can assist by providing identification, response and prevention mechanisms to online infringement, misappropriation or abuse of IP rights. We are your security system against Internet transgressors.

Product Liability

A voice for victims of Defective and Unsafe Products.

In the search for quick profits, manufacturers and retailers often cut costs to get their product to market. They have the responsibility to deliver a safe and non- defective product, designed properly and providing notice of all appropriate warnings. Together we can uphold manufacturers accountable for the damages they cause , whether financial or personal, and secondly, by working with others to change the laws.

The implications of Brexit in the field of competition enforcement will take some time to emerge. EU competition rules will continue to apply post-Brexit to the conduct of UK businesses that have an effect within the EU.

Contract Disputes

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The worst business losses are those from unintended consequences. But with the appropriate skills and expertise, we will help you avoid this dilemma. Regulatory, compliance, employee and data-related concerns are only some of the dangers that face your online commercial affairs.

We can provide solutions for clients facing unfair business contracts and situations of financial loss due to negligence. Your social media and digital presence are at more risk than you think you know. Allow us take the weight off your shoulders so you can sleep in peace.

Competition Law

Don't monopolise the board.

We understand that the phenomenon of anti-competitive behaviour by industry associations and members is on the corporate agenda of many businesses. We are equipped to conduct internal audits through appropriate compliance checks and investigations, in addition to external research to assess whether your competitors are likewise compliant. We also assist with recovery for anti-trust victims.

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