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Our Fees

Our Fees

At Grayfords, we understand that our clients seek compassionate, exemplary solicitors who will handle their cases efficiently and within budget. Legal fees are a necessary part of the process, and our focus is on securing optimal results for our clients through the most cost-efficient means possible.

Free Initial Consultation

To demonstrate our dedication to our clients, we offer free initial consultations. We take the time to get to know you, your situation and your hopes for the future. This first consultation allows us to discuss your budget, your unique issues, and the best way to handle the situation and to consider the best solicitors at Grayfords for your case.

Maintaining Transparency

We keep our clients updated on their cases every step of the way. We will always let you know about pending expenses, such as court fees. We will clearly break down yours costs at each stage and outline exactly how much money you have on account with us. We will also answer any question or concern you have about our fees. We answer emails and return calls within 24 hours.

Tailored Billing Structures

No one wants to be surprised with a high bill after months of service, which is why we work closely with our clients to design a billing structure that best suits their needs. Not only do we arrange our billing around the client’s needs, but we conduct regular budget checks. Through consistent communication with our clients regarding fees, we provide services in a method our clients can afford.

Competitive Rates

The rates for our senior and junior solicitors are competitive with leading English firms. For more information on our rates, please contact us for a free initial consultation. We are happy to discuss how we can provide efficient and valuable services within your budget.

Flexibility Within an Hourly Rate

We believe an hourly rate is the best route to providing the most value for our clients. We deliver strong results for our clients while staying within their budgets by charging a reasonable hourly fee based on the seniority of the solicitor. We assign the appropriate solicitor to your case, but we understand that certain tasks require a different level of expertise. When possible, we assign basic family law matters to junior solicitors with lower hourly fees. More complex matters are assigned to a senior solicitor with the requisite skill and experience. This flexibility ensures that the most cost-effective fees are charged for your case at all times.

Payment Options

In addition to personalised budgets and billing, we offer multiple payment options. If you wish to use the convenience of our credit card facility to pay your fees, please click on the link below.

Need help funding your case?

At Grayfords, we understand that the costs associated with dealing with your legal issue can be daunting. We believe in fairness and aim to make our expertise accessible and affordable. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to fund your case, there are funding options available. We have a partnership with Novitas Loans, a litigation lender, who can help you fund your case. Novitas loans provides litigation lending for most family proceedings, including divorce settlements, TOLATA cases, arbitration as well as mitigation proceedings. Once the loan and the quantum of the loan is agreed, we can begin working on your case. We acknowledge that this is one of many funding options available to you and that ultimately, you must find the option that is best suited for you. For more information please feel free to contract Grayfords or Novitas Loans directly.


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