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We are resourceful experts in legal strategy, always striving to come up with creative, innovate options that many others may overlook.

Financial Settlements

finanDuring a divorce one of the biggest worries is finance. At Grayfords we are financial specialists and have a long history of delivering favourable financial settlements to our clients. We are uniquely placed to provide expert advice on a wide range financial matters and can negotiate settlements with your partner on your behalf. Given our wealth of experience, resources and dedication you’re in safe hands at Grayfords.

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Our Unique Approach

We are an independent boutique firm in Central London that specialises in English and international family law. We offer a bespoke, holistic service that provides practical legal advice alongside complimentary client care packages with your well-being in mind.

Our Team

Along with our experienced partners, we offer a range of free add-on client care packages and assistance with our five client-centred, holistic core values in mind. We want to help you stay positive, confident and self-assured. This personal well-being can as a result often enhance success rates and even reduce legal bills.


We offer one of the longest free initial consultations in London to all prospective clients. We are results – not fee – focused. Our services are robustly designed in order to find solutions quickly and efficiently.We can also provide external litigation lending.

Asset Division

How are the finances divided? In England and Wales assets will be divided into matrimonial property – which were obtained through the joint efforts of couple and are usually shared equally – or non-matrimonial property – which were acquired prior to the marriage and are usually not shared. If both parties agree to divisions amicably then legally dividing the assets is a relatively simple process and one of our expert financial matters solicitors will be able to draft what is known as a Consent Order which will make your decision binding. During negotiations Grayfords will advocate on your behalf, we will work efficiently to ensure that an outcome is reached in a timely fashion. Generally we advise clients to come to a consensus outside of court as it is much swifter. If court is a necessary step in working out how the assets will be divided then our team will be able to guide you through the process.

Asset Discovery

Knowing what you’re entitled to Our financial settlement solicitors are specially equipped to deal with asset deception and discovery. We have tools which allow us to uncover assets which have been hidden even in overseas jurisdictions. Our international family lawyers are experienced in recovering assets and dealing with highly complex financial matters, including financial settlements. We have the connections to provide an in depth analysis of assets held and can advise clients of their potential entitlement.

Child Matters

Providing for the future Our solicitors are renowned for the depth of knowledge in child financial matters. We are experts in financial claims for children and can advise you on what your child entitlements are. We will shoulder your burden and negotiate child maintenance on your behalf and assist you to make sure your children’s futures are provided for. Even if you were never married, having a child together may entitle you to make a financial claim against the other parent on the child’s behalf.

91% Success Rate*

We are intensely passionate in what we do. Our incredible 91% success rate across 2015* cases attests to our strong commitment to fight for, protect and deliver what is in our client’s best interest.

Longest Free Consultation

We are a constant and reassuring presence that takes the time to learn about you and understand your story. We understand and we offer the longest free consultation of any top boutique family law firm.


We have a team of experienced solicitors who have rich knowledge in all areas of Family Law and have the relevant connections, so that we can give you the best chance at your desired outcome.

Lowest Fee

We have a 100% proven track record of keeping within our cost estimates. Our reasonable rates reflect the importance we place on relationships, over numbers.


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