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Family Law Experts

Grayfords and its founder, Sheata Karim, have been featured in both local and national media as sources of expert opinion and advice on all matters relating to family law.

To read a profile of the firm please click here or to read more about our family law expert, Sheata Karim, please visit her page here. Alternatively, you can contact the firm by emailing

Sheata is happy to comment on all matters relating to family law, such as divorce, marriage, child matters, financial settlements, same-sex relationships or domestic abuse.

Sheata Karim has been featured in the following publications as a family law expert or writer:

Huffington Post

Fitzrovia News

 The Divorce Magazine

“I have over a decade’s experience in law and have now founded my own family law practice in London.

I have specialist expertise in English and international family law and a reputation as a successful and sympathetic solicitor.

I am able to convey a clear message even though the topic of family law may be a complicated one. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more.”

Sheata Karim, Solicitor and Founder of Grayfords