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UK Family Law

Comprehensive Family Law Representation

Grayfords’ solicitors have years of experience handling family law cases in England and Wales. We understand the emotional, financial and legal complexities of family and child matters, and represent clients in a broad range of family law matters.

Grayfords understands the stress of a divorce and the concern about your future finances. Our solicitors negotiate to secure a beneficial financial settlement.

Grayfords’ solicitors advise clients on LGBT-related rights and legal matters, including turning a civil partnership into a marriage and dissolving a partnership or marriage.

Our solicitors have experience with child residency, visitation and maintenance. We protect our clients’ rights as parents, and negotiate or represent our clients in court to obtain the best possible results for them and their children.

Moving in together can be a rewarding experience, but what happens if the relationship does not last? Couples can draft a cohabitation agreement, similar to a prenup, that determines how they will handle their property and finances if they move on.

Although it is difficult, ending a marriage is sometimes the best course of action for everyone involved. Grayfords’ solicitors understand the legal and emotional complexities of a separation or divorce and guide clients through the process as smoothly as possible.

Many engaged couples and newly married spouses agree to create a contract that determines how they will handle their shared property, finances and children if they choose to divorce. Our solicitors are happy to work with individuals or couples to draft personalised agreements.

Undivided Attention

The solicitors at Grayfords take time to know their clients as individuals. We never treat one case the same as another. Instead, we focus on achieving the best results for each client. We understand the importance of client communication and offer extended hours.We can take your calls Monday to Sunday, 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m.

Close Relationships with Barristers

While our solicitors offer compassionate and candid legal advice as well as aggressive settlement negotiations, family matters sometimes move into the higher courts. Grayfords maintains close ties to London’s experienced barristers to represent you in court, if necessary.

Business and Financial Concerns

Many family matters are merged with business and financial concerns. Clients who have a high net worth or own a business need financial advice in combination with legal guidance. The settlement of the client’s family matter can drastically affect their income, tax liabilities and business continuity. Grayfords has developed relationships with accountants, business valuers and chartered surveyors to provide expert advice and consultation on the financial aspects of our client’s cases.

Jurisdictional Questions

While Grayfords is located in Central London, our expertise and representation stretches across multiple continents. As long as the client or legal matter has a connection with England or Wales, Grayfords can take your case. Many of our clients come to us concerned about a marriage that occurred abroad or their legal ability to obtain a divorce. We investigate the circumstances of the marriage and advise on the best course of action to dissolve the marriage, including the proper or most advantageous jurisdiction for a divorce.

91% Success Rate*

We are intensely passionate in what we do. Our incredible 91% success rate across 2015* cases attests to our strong commitment to fight for, protect and deliver what is in our client’s best interest.

Longest Free Consultation

We are a constant and reassuring presence that takes the time to learn about you and understand your story. We understand and we offer the longest free consultation of any top boutique family law firm.


We have a team of experienced solicitors who have rich knowledge in all areas of Family Law and have the relevant connections, so that we can give you the best chance at your desired outcome.

Lowest Fee

We have a 100% proven track record of keeping within our cost estimates. Our reasonable rates reflect the importance we place on relationships, over numbers.



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