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Wills and Estate Planning

The Grayfords Advantage

Our expert solicitors write highly competent wills and can offer estate planning services to help organise your assets, so that those who inherit your estate will not need to pay more inheritance tax than they need to once you are gone. Not only are we experienced with complex wishes and relationships, we also aim to reduce or nullify the headline 40% inheritance tax burden.

The Stats

Surprisingly, 50 percent of people in the UK die without a will. Even those who have a will may be unaware assets can be taxed by up to 40% before they are inherited, this includes property and even gifts that you may have given over the last 7 years of your life.

The Dangers of DIY Wills

Writing your own Will probably sounds like it would cost a whole lot less than hiring a solicitor to write one for you. However, if you don’t know what you are doing, or if you make one small mistake, you could end up leaving your family / friends in a difficult position after you are gone. If there is a mistake or if the Will has not been witnessed correctly, the document could be completely void. Writing your own Will can be risky and without the correct expertise, your life’s work could either be reduced by nearly half due to inheritance tax, or fall into the complete wrong hands.

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